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Super Club is a new project by Superstudio Events, conceived for events such as parties, discos, concerts, digital-tech entertainment; located in Milan, Tortona area, in the rear of the Superstudio Più building. Since the opening in 2022, it’s the best place in town to meet artists from all over the world at the most exclusive and innovative parties.

Super_Club was designed by ExpectNothing – a design studio specialized in Lighting and Show Design – as a space strongly marked by lines of light. Pixel mapping technology allows you to customize the space, and shape the light according to what the event requires. The entrance has a strong impact: a chromatic scale from the white of the Superstudio Più building to the black of the Club itself: 18 shades of gray, one for each step.

“Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a courageous decision.”

Peter Drucker

Superstudio Events is the company that manages and supports all the events hosted in the awesome Superstudio’s location. From the set-up of the events to the production services, up to the digitization of the event itself, the Superstudio team follows and supports clients and events in every step.

Moreover, Superstudio Event is an international brand, with almost 40 years of experience, well known internationally for its history, creativity, artistic approach and new avant-garde formats – such as Superdesign Show – which have strongly influenced the cultural and artistic scenario of Milan and also the way to comunicate of many companies, in Italy and abroad.



The Sound System

– 8 coaxial speakers – 12-inch – settled on top of the beams enlighitng the audience + 4 subwoofer placed under the DJ platform with a Bass Array configuration.
[This particular configuration allows to adjust the direction of the sound in order to reduce it in the lounge area, avoiding strong resonances. Digital setting can customize it, as needed]
– 2 12-inch coaxial speakers and 1 subwoofer with independent controls are located in a private area, next to the DJ station.
– The 4-channel digital amplifiers have an internal regulation circuit, called DSP, which allows the control of limitation, equalization and delay times by a specific software.

The Lighting System

The whole system is made with low consumption RGBW LED sources, that make the system super efficient in terms of energy and lighting.
Entrance staircase, wardrobe area, bathrooms and bars are fitted with RGBW LED lights, with the chance to control colors and shades of white and to recreate any shade needed, for events and shows.
A set of RGBW Pinspots lights up the walkway leading to the privé, the lounge area, the main bar and the two swings.
The private area is lighten by Par RGBW Zoom headlights, to modulate the intensity, color and projection of light according to the needs of each individual event, show and artist.
The main focus of the lighting system is a LED ceiling starting from the DJ station and extends to the end of the dancefloor. It’s a surface with programmable LED bars and pixel mappig, controlled by the MADRIX 5 software.
The show system is equipped with 14 RGBW 7 pixel LED moving heads, with 5-38° zoom.
The whole system is managed by a latest generation GrandMa3 + Madrix 5 lighting direction

– 120 programmable led bars pixel to pixel, 60Led 20pixel 14w RGB
– 14 moving heads 7 x 15W RGBW 4 IN 1 – with single pixel control
– 18 RGBW 15W Pinspot
– 2 cob RGB 180W
– 2 Par Led RGBWA 18x12w – zoom 1°- 50°
– 100 meters of RGBW Led streep – 96W, 4370lm / m
– 1 grandMa3 On Pc + 3 touch screens
– 1 Madrix 5
– White Led for stairways safety and bar worktops with 0-100 dimmer


Other Details

– 380sqm surface
– 1 DJ console 3 x 1m, h 1m
– 1 Foh with audio, video, lighting direction – 3m x 1m h 1m
– 1 main bar with 5 bartender stations, two of which with beer dispensers
– 1 private bar with 1 bartender station
– 2 swings
– 15 tables, 6 in the DJ area and 9 on the dance floor